The fucking season is here boys and I honestly wanna apologize for my fucking horrific calls… To be honest, been getting slammed but rule Number 76 – “No excuses, gamble like a champion!”

So, let’s watch some fucking football and gamble on the most entertaining sport of all time… My lock is Carolina -3!

We know, we know, “But the Broncos D Marty!!” And Von Miller is a fucking G, so yeah, you make sense…

But you think Cam is gonna let a fucking rookie QB beat him tonight? No shot… Also, Sheriff Peyton not being in town anymore, we got the MVP coming out for blood. Not to mention, the Broncos O-line is only returning only 1 of them… There is no way the Panthers don’t FUCK their day up.

It may seem that I’m not providing enough reasons but it’s just veteran vs rookie for me. I loved Peyton but I don’t love this 7th round pick QB to cover tonight. No shot.

Panthers all day! Let’s make some dough!

Also, let’s get some beers because it’s Football season!!!!!!!!!!





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