Hello everyone and welcome back to another college football weekend. I’m as surprised as most of you that I am indeed alive after last week’s trip down to College Station. The trip was great as I saw my brand new nemesis catch a HUGE L in Aggieland (Eat shit, Rosen).

That being said, you all are obviously more concerned with what games to look forward to, so without further ado, here are this weeks best games:

TCU vs. Arkansas – 7 – ESPN:

  • This is being touted as the game of the week so I had to put it on. Realistically I hope Arkansas makes it a good game and can keep up with TCU, but in all honesty when have they done well against the spread offense? Never. Sure they beat Ole Miss last year but they gave up 49 points (if my memory serves me correctly). That’s not really being sound defensively. Look for TCU to go off.
  • Over is at 57. Your boy loves overs. Might as well be a bullseye.

Iowa vs. Iowa State – 730 – BTN:

  • Only real rivalry game this week and it’s going to be LIT. To be honest I usually never care about the state of Iowa, but I’m a sucker for rivalries. Look for a lot of passion but ultimately the Hawkeyes will pull away and win handedly. Idk about -15.5 good, but they will win.

Tennessee vs. VA Tech – 8 – abc:


  • Everyone and their mother jumped all over the Vols last week (including myself); but they did the only thing that matters…. THEY WON. Sure, I hate butch jones and the Vols with a passion, BUT they will come out and try to send a message in this game and they will beat the hell out of VA Tech.
  • I hope I’m wrong, so I’m not betting it, but look for Dobbs and the gang to take out some frustration tonight.

Texas Tech V. AZ state – 10 – FS1 :

  • One word can sum up what we can expect in this game… POINTS. This is two spread offenses who will go back and forth TORCHING each other’s defenses, and I cannot wait. No over is high enough for your boy here.
  • In addition however, there is another reason why you should watch this game….


  • Kliff effin Kingsbury. The guy is the hottest coach in college football (no homo), and because of it the ladies in Lubbock swoon over him. Look for hot women with great signs complimenting him to be ALL OVER the screen. That alone is worth the watch.


So that sums it up, not many high profile games this weekend, but what would you expect after the amazing weekend we were gifted to start the season? Also, I mentioned a couple but there are some intriguing lines out there, hit up our boy Marty Quinn for some inside knowledge to win some dough.

Until next time,