First NFL Sunday and after great college football yesterday, today is only gonna get better. I have a couple picks here for the day I like:

Green Bay -3.5
I don’t know what is up with this, but Jacksonville either has some trick up their sleeve or they are just begging us to take this line… Aaron Rodgers, I think takes care of this one and not a doubt in my mind Green Bay takes this one.

New Orleans -3
Oakland has only won once against an NFC team on opening day. They have lost I believe 15 times. 1-15 doesn’t cut it for me and also, Brees lives next to Matthew McConaughey and that means he probably chills with Rooster… so I’m all in on the Saints.

GMEN -1.5
Bias pick but I love it… In Eli We Trust – guy is the man.

And I’ll have tonight’s pick later, but let’s enjoy some football because Sunday is a great day.





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