SDS– Don’t try to get Clemson coach Dabo Swinney to make any kind of comparisons when it comes to his star quarterback Deshaun Watson and his former quarterback Chad Kelly. He won’t like it. That’s what one reporter tried to do during the Tigers’ Tuesday press conference. Swinney got fired up when asked to compare Watson with Kelly.

Here’s the question (or the attempt, rather): “You had an issue with a quarterback a few years ago who kind of lost his way mentally and let the hype swallow him —”

That’s when Swinney cuts the reporter off and begins his rant, calling it a “totally different situation.” You can watch the entire clip by heading to Clemson Insider.

“Yeah, totally different situation with him [Watson],” said Swinney. “Are you kidding me? Totally different situation, not even in the same realm? You’re not going to have guys crossing a line with the coaches just because they’re frustrated with whatever,” said Swinney. 

“He has had a pattern of behavior that is not consistent with the values of our program. I hope he will mature and grow from this and become the man and player I know he can be.”



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AWW POOR DABO! These mean reporters need to give you a break! You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, how could they dare ask you a tough question?! 

Especially when it’s about a touchy subject, like comparing your star quarterback, who isn’t having the most amazing start to this year, to another star quarterback that you let got a few years back. 

That just is senseless! I can’t believe they would do something like that!

**Sarcastic rant done**

This is textbook Dabo, getting flustered over the smallest things; and this is why I don’t see them winning the ACC this year, even though they have a STACKED team. 

Dabo is not going to live up to his hype as a coach. No great coach gets all flustered and fired up over a guy who left over two years ago for disciplinary issues, no matter how amazing the player is.

Do you think Saban cares about the 22 recruits that have transferred from his program since 2008? HELL NO. He’s too busy worrying about winning the SEC and ANOTHER National Championship, because that’s what great coaches do.

I understand that Dabo has seen the greatness of Chad Kelly since his departure from Clemson, and that he probably misses him, but GET OVER IT. You have a STUD like DeShaun Watson, and the rest of your schedule to worry about. Chad Kelly should be the FURTHEST thing from his mind!

Dabo getting flustered proves one thing to me, and it’s that Chad Kelly has so much real estate in Dabo’s head that it’s scary. It’s just a shame that Ole Miss and Clemson won’t end up playing each other this year, that would be when we could see Dabo cry for real.