Alright guys, I’m back! It sucks because on NFL Sunday the line for every game I took switched by a point and they ended up hitting, so keep that in mind that the lines I pick change and when I make my selections, that’s just where the line happens to be….. Anyway, fuck Brees last week. Guy blew it. That -3 saints was a gimme and they couldn’t hold it together.

It’s Thursday night and to be honest with you, this game is a shitshow. I’ve been back and forth all week thinking about this and the Jets have ranged from -1.5, -1, to +1 all day. It’s such a toss up… So here’s what I’m thinking: it’s gonna be close, SO tease the team you think is gonna win.

Marty’s Pick:

TEASE 6.5 points to Jets, +7 over 35
I like this pick because the Jets are out for Rex, and Rex is out for the Jets. Gonna be a battle and I don’t see either D holding up for the under. They both are gonna be gambling out there trying to make big plays (except they aren’t gambling they are NFL athletes I’m the shmuck betting on them lolz).

Ryan Fitz got robbed last week and he got robbed to make the playoffs last year. It’s Fitzmagic’s turn and after seeing the Ravens toss Buffalo around, I think the Jets gotta win this one, just to prove they are the team they want to be. My money is on Fitzy.

My record might be shit this season but you gotta laugh at some of these games – Vegas knows all. So ride the Jets on a tease to secure they don’t lose by 8.



Marty Out.

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