SDS Missouri is holding a “Tiger Stripe” in Memorial Stadium for its SEC opener against No. 16 Georgia this Saturday.

The school is asking fans to wear either black or gold depending on the section in which they’re seated. This will mark the third straight season that Missouri has held a “Tiger Stripe” in Memorial Stadium.

The Tigers (1-1) host the Bulldogs (2-0) at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.


Am I nervous about a little tiger-striping of a stadium before we play in Missouri?! HA 

Yeah right, like anything about the Missouri Tigers and their #SafeSpace would make me scared. 

I mean it’s not like they have an excellent D-Line and like Georgia’s offensive line got torched by Nicholls State last week…. AT HOME….


OKAY maybe, in all reality, I am a bit nervous for this game just because of line play; and maybe I do think the Tiger stripe is a genuinely cool idea and looks great when they pull it off, but I am not worried about this game in the slightest.

Sure, Mizzou’s QB Drew Lock is coming off an amazing week last week (against Eastern Michigan) and Mizzou’s Defense has been phenomenal through two games; but Georgia is the better team. Georgia has far more talent, and much better coaching.

That being said, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. This game will come down to the Dawgs work ethic and execution. The Tigers will come out flying and will work their asses off for the win; BUT as long as the Dawgs come out and execute the gameplay that Kirby Smart puts into play then the Dawgs will roll out of Columbia with a much needed win against an SEC East foe. 

If the team comes out and plays like they did last week however, where they seemingly didn’t want to be there, then it could be a very long day.

Let’s all hope the first option happens, and that the Dawgs make the Tiger fans need that #SafeSpace that they’ve been stressing since last year.