This is going to be short and sweet (unlike the title of this article #nailedit).

I am not a Jets fan. I am not a Bills fan. On Sundays I root for both when I can. When they play each other, I root for whatever works best for me and my fantasy players on each team (Decker and the Bills D/ST – of course).

Tonight is a huge game for each team: neither can afford to start 0-2, but neither seem to have much to be confident about heading into tonight’s game.

The Bills offense looked BAD Week 1 – putting up a whopping 7 points, and the Jets lost a tough game against the Bengals… also, they haven’t beaten the Bills in the Ralph (still refusing the new name) since – you guessed it – Fitzpatrick was the BILL’S quarterback.

I predicted this game to be a Bills win, and I’ll stick by that.

I still say Tyrod Taylor frustrates the Jets defense on third downs all night long and Rex continues his win streak against Gang Green.

Jets fans will be demoralized and mortified… Win-less heading into Week 3 with four scary opponents up ahead (@Chiefs, Seahawks, @Steelers, @Cardinals).

To my Gang Green contingent, I’m sorry – but I call them as I see them.



#CircleTheWagons #BillsMafia #RIPThadLewis



P.S. @JetsNation, looking back at my Giants, Jets AND Bills season-long predictions, I was 0-3 last week… So cheer up – my delusional New York ass has been wrong before!