Antonio Brown is a stud. Flat out, one of the best WR’s in the game, potentially ever… Maybe not the twerk game, but certainly in football:

But what I want to call attention to is his response to the fine the No Fun League handed down to him…

When asked his thoughts on the fine, Antonio Brown responsed that it is “Nothing to a Boss”.

What is it with the greatest receivers of all time giving ZERO fucks?!

If I’m a GM, these are the sort of responses that you get during pre-draft interviews that let you know you have an AB or Randy Moss on your hands…

GM: “Son, if we draft you #1 overall, we are going to be paying you a hefty amount of money. We expect you to play a big role in improving our franchise. How much pressure do you feel to be our franchise receiver?
Answer: “Nothing to a boss.”
GM: “Eloquent answer, thanks. A lot of players struggle once they get here dealing with the newfound fame and money… Have you put any thoughts into how you’re going to handle your finances once you join the league?”
Answer: “Straight cash homie.”
GM: “Good call, the market is over-inflated. Hold cash until this all crashes and buy in cheap… This kid is going to make it!!

Okay, so maybe that’s not EXACTLY how these conversations go… But I love this shit.

AB, you keep doing you. I expect Lexy Panterra to feature your twerking in her next video for sure!