Alright, I know. I’m not a lock wizard but if you were a gambler like I was, the tease hit with flying colors and was pretty awesome because I was fucking bombed.

Anyway got up early, looked at the lines and my pick so far is…

Louisville – First Half, pick em
Louisville is gonna be the sleeper this year man. They are fucking tough. FSU, yes, is FSU and their freshman quarterback stepped up in the second half against Ole Miss. When you’re working with Louisville at home though, not saying they win, BUT in the first half out the gates, I have faith in the boys. I’m also gonna mention I went to high school with NBA player Russ Smith so I’m biased on Louisville. Louisville is gonna step up. If not, I lose money but they are the sleeper this year. Gonna be Top 10 soon enough.

Let’s ride people, take em first half!!




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