I’m sitting here watching Louisville and I’m loving it. Here’s the picks for the rest of the night and I’m riding the picks. I say I go down with the ship. Always have, always will… I’m not a bitch. So here we go!!

Alabama -11
It’s fucking ALABAMA. Ole Miss is home and getting the line because Kelly is the boy, so I’m not knocking Ole Miss. But like I said, it’s fucking Alabama and Saban. This line is a gimme because the line went down for them being home and giving a game to FSU. They gave a scare, now they wanna scare the betters. Roll tide. I know not valid statistics but fuck it, after seeing this Louisville half, no way fucking Ole Miss can handle Alabama because FSU is not the way it should be.


Stanford -4.5 first half (also -8 for this game should hit)
I love Stanford, they have been doing well covering and the line is lower because it’s USC. I’m sorry for not providing stats here or legit reasons to my picks. I’ve been boozing all day. Absolute savagery. What I’m up to is screaming at TV’s and making picks. I don’t need to have a reason for because sometimes that works.

Roll tide and Andrew Luck’s Alta mata. Let’s fucking ride boys.



-Marty Quinn


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