Here we are baby – the home opener for YOUR New York Football Giants!!

Traditionally, the Taylor clan sends the two oldest brothers, the old man, and one of our many other “brothers”. And listen, in the last 10 years or so of them opening up the season, we’ve won two Super Bowls – so yeah, they got some swag… BUT as all good things must come to an end, this year due to circumstances totally out of everyone’s control (one of the Taylor’s got their wife pregnant, and the other got hammered all weekend at the Fireman Convention down in Wildwood, NJ and thus, was unable to make it back…), I find myself at the home opener…

Now, you may be thinking, “Taylor, you’ve been to like 69 games in your day… AND you’re ruining the mojo of this opening crew, why you so excited bro??”

As you may remember, the jersey I last rocked for the last 8 years and won two Super Bowls with – #13 Jared Lorenzen, has been retired. And I left it up to the fans to determine what jersey I will represent moving forward… You spoke, and today, I unleash the beast on MetLife – #12 RYAN NASSIB!!


So today isn’t just the home opener. Today isn’t just the day that Eli throws 8 TD’s and we blow the Saints out. Today ISN’T just the day we start another Super Bowl run…

Nay, today is bigger. Today, my #12 Nassib jersey begins what presumably will be about a decade of seeing winning football… a decade filled with OBJ and Sterling Shepard TD’s. A decade that will see Eli sail off into the sunset like his brother did. Another decade of glory.

Big Blue Nation, I’m fired up for today – and I’m fired up for the Giants.

If you want an autograph (or more likely a selfie with that asshole who bought an authentic Ryan Nassib jersey)… Section 338, 3 rows from the top.




New York Strong