We here at Water Cooler Sports know that sports and partying go hand in hand – like peanut butter and jelly, or spaghetti and meatballs… or Miller and chicks that are way too hot for him!

So what we decided is to introduce a new weekly piece… one that will enhance your pregame at all tailgates, from now until these jams melt your faces off.

To do so, we brought in Your Boy RD to come up with some songs that will assuredly have you saying things like:

Yoooo, that song was Bang-Sauce!”
Fuego – straight buttery top ched.

So tune in Thursday’s when DJ RD will be dropping you a few songs to add to that playlist and you for sure will have what it takes to bring your tailgates from lame ass wine & cheese parties to one’s like this…

theCHIVE love lol smile laughing

And it will all be courtesy of Queensbury’s Finest – YOUR BOY, RD!!