Our Big Blue defense is for real… The Saints put up 34 against the Raiders last week and the Giants effectively shut them down holding them to just 13. Thus far, this season it has been a fucking breath of fresh air to see stops on defense, that’s for sure.

Our 3-headed monster ALSO is for real. We all know OBJ is unreal. He had a few drops yesterday, which I hope aren’t going to become a “thing”, but he is still so electrifying and such a threat. Victor Cruz looks like his old self, which is INSANE given he’s the #2 on this team… And Sterling Shepard gets the opportunity to play alongside these guys, be given way less attention, and has a chance to really make a name for himself.

Two things I had beef with… First, we didn’t kick a field goal from near the goal line early in the game and turned the ball over on downs (Yes, it pinned Brees deep in his territory, but I still don’t like it). That seemed like a very non-Coughlin, non-conservative, non-GIANTS move that I hate. The Giants aren’t the Jets, we aren’t gimmicky. We take points as they are there, and we win the old fashioned way… Kick it next time! The second almost piggy-backs on the first – our red zone offense doesn’t look good – that’s for damn sure. Maybe it’s the run-heavy play-calling when we get down there but I’d sure love to see a few more passes to OBJ when we get near the goal-line. I get the ground-and-pound strategy, but when you move the ball as well as we did through the air – why not continue when we get closer to the end-zone?

All in all, a win is a win. This team last year would be 0-2 with two nail-biter losses, so I’m thrilled.



Let’s Go Big Blue,


Fun-fact I heard in the stands: Sterling Shepard had 4 drops his entire college career at Oklahoma on 225 targets… The guy sitting next to us said that and it blew my mind- I looked it up and it was confirmed. Unreal.