Well folks, this is what the scientists call “natural selection.”  Look, do I “want” to be insensitive here? Do I “get a kick out of” how ridiculous this story is? Of course not.  This woman clearly had some mental illnesses and in this climate you can’t really just say she was weird and possessed like you could prior to like 1930.  But this is like Louis CK wrote this scenario for his “of course, but maybe” bit.

Of course it’s very sad that this poor woman died.  Of course.  This woman’s family is now so depressed and distraught…….But maybe if you feel like you need to light 17 candles for your imaginary boyfriend, you shouldn’t be allowed to light candles unsupervised in the first place.

And therein lies the real people to blame here.  Is it this cooky woman’s fault for burning her house down and dying as she was trying to simply summon her boyfriend who happens to be imaginary?  Well okay maybe a little.  But I blame whoever it was that is in charge of watching her.  Don’t give this lady access to fire are you fucking kidding me?  She is in love with an imaginary person!  Why are you even allowing her to be in a room by herself!  Come on, guys.  Figure it out!


Oh and yeah I’m back bitches.  I started my job (I know shocker that this isn’t my full time gig), but now that I’m in a nice routine I’ll be pumping out articles on the reg.  And also look out for Miller and mine’s award winning podcast making a return.  Keeping Score at Home is revamped and ready to rip.