As if there was a way our little unicorn KP could make me love him even more, he goes ahead and does something like this…

Not only is it always hilarious to block a much shorter kid than you in basketball (can’t wait til my nephew is old enough to DESTROY him in some Fisher Price games), but KP got some sweet revenge on this little nerd from his Draft Night antics.

I know KP is like the happiest guy on the planet and made friends with the kid since then, but there must have been a level of sweet revenge here…

Quick side bars here: #1, anyone else wondering where this kid’s glasses went… or that he seemingly went from a super-nerd to a basketball player? #2, Did he become black? I feel like he went from a Jewish nerd on draft night to a potentially black kid at a basketball camp… Just weird.

Anyway, go Porzingod – You are a treasure and we love you!! Can’t wait to see you bring us a title!!