First off, super fired up to be a part of this group of studs here at Water Cooler Sports. Secondly, and why I’m here, is to provide you shmucks with some absolute jam pieces that’ll bring your party, tailgate, or Netflix & Chill to the next level. Being a former collegiate athlete (and current professional), I know how important post- (and pre-) game is. Totally gotta set the tone for my long standing career at WCS, so without further adu, this is what I have for this week:

1.) Calvin Harris – My Way

My man Cal is back on his grind with this jam. Ever since working with Dizzee Rascal on “Hype,” we’ve been patiently waiting for some new Calvin Harris tunes. Well, the wait has finally ended as we have his newest masterpiece “My Way.”

2.) Coldplay- Adventures of a Lifetime (Matoma Remix)

Remember the quote in 40 Year Old Virgin, “You know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Coldplay.” ? Well, that doesn’t apply here because Matoma put a gorgeous tropical spin on an instant classic made by the boys from the UK.

3.) Disco Fries Feat. Hope Murphy- Born Ready (Halogen Remix)

The Disco Fries and Halogen bring some serious heat with this party banger. The infectious vocals of Hope Murphy bring this party starter to life and you won’t be able to keep yourself from putting your hands up, or keep a chick from putting hers down your jean shorts.

4.) SNBRN Feat. Andrew Watt- Beat The Sunrise (Halogen Remix)

That’s not a typo, Halogen is absolutely pumping out the killer remixes, and this one specifically to an already fire song. This is a pretty laid back, chill, progressive house song that’ll be good in between beer pong games, or just chillin’ by the pool.

5.) Rihanna Feat. Drake- Work (Lost Kings Remix)


The Lost Kings have been finding time to produce in between a heavy tour schedule, this time doing RiRi herself. That’s right, the boys remixed Rihanna‘s hit single “Work” and the vibes are thick. Between the tropical piano/plucks and feel good pop-beat, this is a fantastic play off of the single that will appeal to any crowd. “Initiate the removal of undies.

That’ll do it for this week from the turntables, everyone have a baller weekend.