The starting QB for the New England Patriots:

Jacoby Brissett

(That photo is his Twitter pic… BRUH!! YOU’RE AN NFL QB, STEP UP THE PIC SWAG!!)

Now, I know I am a Giants fan and should hate on the Patriots and blah, blah, blah… But honestly, any 3rd stringer is a friend of mine. So I wanted to do a quick summary of who this kid is, and why I’m pretty certain he’s going to have a stud performance tonight…

Let’s look at how NFL scouts viewed him before he was in the league… “…Great size and big hands…” – Daniel Jeremiah. That is not a joke. Sounds like the kind of quarterback the Bills would nut over (sup EJ?) – and we all know THAT is how you attain success in the NFL.

But the things that made me think tonight is Jacoby’s night? “Able to bolt pocket and challenge defenses with his feet.” This is not something the Patriots typically have as Brady runs like he takes in-game dumps in his pants, but that will only play to the Patriots advantage tonight.

Let’s say hypothetically the Texans gameplan for Week 3 was for a pocket passer (*Garoppolo ran 4 times in two weeks*), until Week 3… Now they have a guy who can escape the pocket, and what you HAD planned on for Week 3 gets thrown out the window. Not to mention you have Bill Belichick masterminding how to keep his rookie QB out of trouble…

Listen, is Jacoby Brissett going to follow in Russell Wilson’s Wolfpack-QB ways? Probably not. But with a defensive game-plan that was aimed at a different QB just four days ago, I like his odds at looking like Wilson for a night!

I’m calling a solid night for Brissett – definitely feeling a rushing TD, but also keeping the Texans second-guessing, because he himself will be second-guessing all night.

#7. Jacoby Brissett. First black QB in Patriots history. I actually think you’re going to have a hell of a game tonight. Best of luck rook.