**Quick note from Taylor: Yeah, I blew it uploading this late – Marty sent these over at 6:03pm EST – but seeing as we hold our journalistic integrity at top priority, I have to show the Marty’s picks – late or not. I will strive to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I apologize for blowing it, but I also hold Brother Jimmy’s a little responsible. Now on to Mr Quinn’s genius…


It’s been a rough week at work, I don’t know about you but we got some Thursday Night Football to watch and I’m more than excited. I’m gonna sit back throw some dough because tonight’s tough to call between college and NFL.

Pats Pick Em

This team is fucking scaring me. The Pats have been putting it together and after I saw Barstool put up the Godfather clip with Brady and the quarterbacks, I lost it – made me so confident to be honest. Belichick is really not losing. They are making a statement this year and Houston in my opinion is not gonna take them down. Yes, defense wins championships but so does Belichick. They are gonna pull this one out some how, some way – PLUS, they are home in Foxborough. No spread, just to win – you gotta take the Pats. That’s like saying Bud Light or craft beer, then you take the Kraft beer and realize, “Wow, I blew it!” Making that pick can’t go wrong with Bud Light and I sure as hell make that pick everytime. I pick Bud Light AND I pick the Pats.

Georgia Tech +9

Since 2003, Clemson has never beat GT in Atlanta. That’s just a stat that doesn’t lie when playing at a college with that kind of pressure, not to mention you’re getting 9 points. Yeah, yeah, we get it Clemson has blown out teams this year, putting up 60 something points but something about HOT LANTA they can’t handle. If you don’t recall who caused the brutal injuries to Clemson last year – you guessed it – Georgia Tech. Home field in college is one of those things and I’m going GT. They don’t gotta win they just gotta cover.

Now, let’s sit back and watch some great games tonight, or possibly watch the Pats be the Pats on National TV (or Twitter).





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