What a weekend! I’m sorry I didn’t post anything – I was drinking all weekend. Literally would’ve looked like this: “heksoehdjdjsSTANFORD -3jdkdkeks.”

But fucking Stanford!! I love it! Biiiig McCaffrey guy and the ESPN montage of him helping out those in need before it just shows that God was on his side and our side with that cover of -3 during the return with 4 seconds left… Just magical (not Fitzmagic-al because that guy was straight garbage this weekend).

Monday Night Football pick: Saints -3
The line is even for this and I’m calling Vegas’s bullshit on this one. It’s Brees at the dome with an over/under of 53… That’s just telling me Brees is slinging that pigskin tonight, and Matty Ice is gonna sling and get smoked (even though I love the Ice – he’s got the best nickname out there). Anyway, Brees coming off two tough losses in a rough and now he’s in the dome with the boys and the Saints will go marching in (by more than 3).. Also, I’m thinking under for you guys who wanna tease because I think Devonte is gonna get some touches tonight making this clock tick. Falcons are not the team tonight.

Also, let’s not forget Brees lives next door to Matthew McConaughey. They toss Coors Lights to each other’s porches… So if that doesn’t mean Saints -3, then I don’t know what does.





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