Tim Tebow hitting a home run on the first pitch he sees is amazing.

Yes, he’s playing with teenage kids. Yes, you shouldn’t swing at the first pitch. Yes, I’m going to hype Tebow no matter what.

I think this is our sign. Our sign that Tebow will not and should not ever go away. Whatever he wants to do, he’s going to do it.

If next week, Tebow tells us he wants to be a triangle, well goddamn I bet Timmy will do whatever it takes to be the best damn triangle on the planet… Now, I know you’re thinking, “Taylor, you can’t be a fucking shape. Don’t be a dumbass!”

Well, Tebow has gone from being a Heisman winning college quarterback, to an NFL playoff winning quarterback, to, now, safe to assume he’ll be the greatest hitter the league will have seen since Gary Sanchez (oh wait that’s right now).

Regardless, congrats on the homer Tim. Can’t wait to buy a #15 Mets jersey and meet you at CitiField where you can, and will, blast homers on literally every first pitch.