Welcome back for your second rendition of DJ RD’s party playlist.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… RD, your playlist got me so jacked up to party that I ended up getting roofied and slept with like 4 chicks. Well, I’m not going to say sorry. I’m going to say this weekend is going to be better. We got some new jams out this week that’ll for sure get some undies wet and some fists in the air, so let’s get to it.

1.) The Chainsmokers & Phoebe Ryan- All We Know

So this song was slated to be released at 1 PM… but NOPE. The internet said otherwise. The high quality and full version somehow made it onto SoundCloud, so take an early listen to get you hyped for the official drop! It’s definitely got some similarities to “Closer” and honestly their more recent work altogether, but all that means is it’s a… everyone say it… BANGERRRR!!

2.) Elephante (feat. Bishop) – Closer

Great new stuff from my homie Elephante. This producer’s climatic builds and passionate vocals can now be heard on his latest single. It climbs with Elephante’s groovy dance music production into two banging drops that are perfect for pre-games.

3.) Joey Bada$$- Devastated

I’m really diggin’ Joey’s latest endeavors. Those drowned out horns in the background are a nice touch. Perfect chillin’ hip-hop song for early in the night.

4.) Porter Robinson & Madeon- Shelter

Love the collab here between two of the GOAT’s of the EDM pipeline. Nothing really else to say besides I instantly downloaded this song and it has some serious bang to it. Get after it.

Now, this will be my last post from the great U S of A, as I’m heading “down unduh” to play some baseball for 6 months. But, don’t worry, I’ll still be spinning the turntables from across the world. See you next week fella’s, enjoy the weekend.