As I saw the O’s won last night, I thought the season was over… Then, Tex bombs a walk-off and I was like, “Hey, that’s #neat. At least we beat Boston. Fuck Boston.”  And even still I thought the season was done… However, I figured out how we still make the playoffs!! AND GET READY FOR THIS CHAOS!!

Now, there is a theme to “How” New York still makes it:

jim carrey chance dumb and dumber hopeful so youre telling me theres a chance

What the Yanks need to do… really simple – WIN. They have 4 games left, and they need all of them. Tonight against the Sox we got CC versus Owens. I suggest CC pitch 5 innings, because he is a LOCK to let up big runs beyond that. So @Girardi, don’t blow this. Thanks.

…And What the O’s need to do… again, really simple – LOSE. They have 4 games left as well, one versus the Blue Jays and the rest versus the Yanks. So for this to work, the Blue Jays will have to beat them tonight and then the Orioles obviously will lose all 3 at the Yanks. We’ll know by tonight if our final series will even matter… but right now, the chance is there!

…And What the Tigers need to do… We need some luck here. We need them to lose 3 of the next 4 – which doesn’t seem that hard. Well, they finish the year at Atlanta, so this is almost the hardest thing to do on this list. But if they lose 3 of the 4, they will tie, and if they lose out, then it will JUST be the Yanks and the O’s in a 1-game playoff.

…And What the Mariners need to do… We need Seattle to lose two or three of their four remaining. Three losses put the Yanks ahead of them, and two would be a tie. They finish this year with a four game set with the A’s, so this one too is a real kick to the pants.

…Oh Yeah, and What the Astros need to do… We need them to lose 1 of their games, and they’re playing away against the Angels. Yes, they have a day of rest beforehand, but let’s just say the jet lag will hurt them and blah blah blah. One loss and they’d be out if all else falls in line.

So when you think about it, how to cheer for the Yanks playoffs is pretty simple:

  • Yanks “Just Win Baby Win”
  • O’s need to lose out
  • Tigers CAN win one to make a 3-way tie, but we’d rather they lose out
  • Mariners CAN win two to make a tie, but we’d rather they only win one
  • Astros just need one loss

Like 1 in one hundred? More like one in a million…




#Billievin Til the Bitter End,