Early on in WCS I tried running Taylor’s #TBT New York Hall of Fame, but unfortunately it crashed and burned and you know what they say – #YOLO.

So I decided #tbt’s are going to be more about me and my experiences in life and sports.

Today, I want to give a #tbt to my boy Matt Carroll, Notre Dame great, and at one point, the MVP of my NBA 2K Knicks franchise.

Back in 2013 (when the Knicks were relevant), I tweeted this at Matt Carroll:

Inline image 1

That back and forth was short and sweet (and if I’m not mistaken there are more but you try looking for shit you tweeted in 2013, it’s brutal). But you know what this little chat did? It added the Notre Dame legend to a list of superstars/celebrities (Jared Lorenzen, Steve Weatherford and Jade Roper to name a few) that are cool enough to interact with my ass on social media.

Regardless, Matt Carroll was one of the GOAT’s, one of those guys that could’ve helped take the Knicks franchise to the next level. We signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2003 and not to my surprise – we cut him in final cuts (one of an infinite amount of mistakes we seem to make). Carroll was a bit of a journeyman but went on to have a pretty fucking solid career with Charlotte. Beast.

Anyway Matt, thanks for being a legitimately one of the greatest Irish players of all time. I’m sorry our franchise didn’t see the talent you clearly got. I believed in you in 2013, 10 years after the Knicks parted ways with you, and I believe in whatever the flip you’re doing now – probably saving sick babies or curing cancer. Whatever it is, you keep doin’ you big dog.

Next week maybe we’ll dive into some more #tbt celebrity love I’ve gotten myself into over the years, who knows… But #tbt’s are about to get weird from here on out!