Alright ladies and gents, we’re coming in hot on a HUGE week for college football.

Real quick shoutout to Les Miles. His LSU career was truly amazing. I feel awful for what happened, and think it is a TERRIBLE move by LSU. Have fun, trying to find a replacement who is better than him. His name is Nick Saban and he isn’t available.

Now moving on, this weekend is exactly what we’ve been waiting for with more top match-ups than your brain can handle. Therefore, I won’t ramble on, let’s get right into the action:

Stanford at Washington – 9:00 pm FRIDAY on ESPN:


  • What a treat we get. A start to the CFB weekend with a top ten matchup and it’s not even Saturday!
  • Christian McCaffery and co. roll into Seattle to take on the Huskies in what will ultimately decide the Pac-12. You have to like the stud Heisman candidate, in McCaffery, to go off in this matchup, and because of that I’m all in on the Cardinal. 
    • They’ll walk away with a huge road win, and let’s hope your boy will walk away with some money.

Wisconsin at Michigan – 3:30 pm on ABC:


  • Two classic Big Ten teams meeting up in a top ten matchup that is sure to shake up the Big Ten standings, and the CFB Playoff picture.
    • Like all Big Ten games, you have to expect a hard-nosed physical battle between the front lines. This will have repercussions in how the Big Ten plays out, but even if they lose this game (as I said last week) Wisconsin will still win the West, they’re too good, and the Big Ten West sucks.

Tennessee at Georgia – 3:30 on CBS:


  • Needless to say, the Dawgs let me down this last weekend. It was rough to watch, but the crew made the trip to Oxford and taught the Rebs the meaning behind partying (video to come soon).
  • BUT it’s a new week, and a new opportunity for the Dawgs. The crazy thing is, this match decides the season. Tennessee wins and it’s all over. They will take the West. Georgia wins, and it opens it up to be anybody’s ballgame between the Dawgs, the Vols, and the Gators (as it has been all year).
    • That being said, the Vols are favored (as they should be), and, as much as it pains me to say it they will walk out of Sanford Stadium with a win. It will be a sad day for your boy Miller.

Louisville at Clemson – 8:00 pm on ABC:


  • What a way to end the night. A top five matchup, two Heisman candidates, and one of the most passionate stadiums in college football. I cannot wait to see Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson to go back and forth torching this field.
    • There will be plenty of fireworks, so sit back and have your popcorn ready, it will be lit.

That wraps up another previews from your boy. This is the type of weekend we all look forward to. 3 mouth-watering top-ten matchup, and more top 25 match-ups as well. You really can’t ask for more.

Good luck to everyone and to your teams this weekend. Let’s all pray the Dawgs don’t make me jump off a bridge.

Until next time,