After watching the debate, I realized we’re basically all but screwed. So I decided we may as well start having fun with this… So without further ado, let’s hit these idiots with the HARD questions!!

Q: How can you solve this Clown crisis in America?

Alright, so I don’t really get the “being afraid of clowns” stigma. They’re weird, sure. But honestly, it’s probably just some virgin dressed up like a jackass spraying people with water. So clowns aren’t my bug-a-boo, but I know grown ass men who ARE afraid of clowns. And now that we apparently have them running around wrecking havoc, these men are freaking the fuck out… Donald, Hillary, HOW CAN YOU KEEP US SAFE FROM THESE CLOWNS?!?!

Q: What was your favorite Power Ranger? And Why?

We know Donny isn’t rocking Zack or Kimberly (obviously), but who would he choose? And Hillary would have to snub one of her go-to’s. Would she pick Kimberly (Pink) and play the women card, or pick Zack (black, lol) and sure up the minority vote? I think this could tell a lot about a person.

Q: Would You Rather – Have Doritos Fingers the rest of your life, or have a piece of steak stuck in your molars for the rest of your life?

This was a #WYR from our newest member, DJ Davey Crockett, but I think it brings up an interesting point… Would Trump be able to do his patented finger points with cheesy Doritos fingers? And on the flip side, SURE Hillary has put up with a lot – her husband’s affair, her email scandal, her sucky-ass wardrobe, that fact that she is dying, etc BUT could she still fake that old lady smile if she was fighting a piece of steak dangling in the back of her mouth?

Q: The day after the Super Bowl – holiday or nah?

This one was tweeted by @WhatAKetchWCS and I love it. Imagine a candidate announcing they’re going to establish a “hangover holiday”. How could anyone NOT want this? Put this on your fucking agenda’s presidential hopefuls! This is a no-brainer that would get votes from millennials.

Q: Lastly, if you were a fan of a team, say for example the Georgia Bulldogs, and someone else in your conference, say Alabama, was in the National Championship against… Oh, I don’t know – let’s say Notre Dame… Would you root for the team that was in your conference and was better than you and made it to the championship, Alabama, or the other team, Notre Dame?

I think this tells a lot about a person and I need to know what Hillary and Donny think here. This could swing my vote. @WCS_Miller, agreed?

Now, CNN or Fox or whoever else runs this shit – get your act together and ask the tough questions… the above five questions. Otherwise, don’t throw another garbage debate on my TV, ya fuckin’ jamokes.



Donny’s Flow vs Billy’s Hoe,