This may be the hardest blog I have ever had to write. Everyone loves a Hail Mary. It’s one of the most exciting plays in football, and one of the reasons why football is such an amazing sport. Nobody however likes a Hail Mary when it happens against them.

This Georgia game was the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, earth shattering loss I have ever seen. 2012 sucked, but the Dawgs hadn’t just scored on an amazing throw to take the lead WITH 11 SECONDS LEFT when Alabama beat them in 2012.

The game made me go from excited to nervous to exuberant to demoralized, and that only sums up the final 4 minutes. It was the kind of game all fans enjoy when they don’t have a stake in it, but the kind you can’t stand if you do (unless you win). That all being said let’s take a look at the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

  • Jacob Eason’s clutch factor. His timing and reads on the final drive were a thing of beauty. He was composed and cool under pressure and his pocket presence is like something I’ve never seen from a freshman QB. The kids got the “it factor” and it’s something magical. I hope he keeps developing because in two years he could be scary good.

The Bad:


  • The end of the game execution. Pick your poison. There’s the penalty after Eason’s touchdown pass; the pooch kick with terrible tackling; the inability to get pressure on Dobbs; and the lack of boxing out on the Hail Mary. All in all the Dawgs decision making and execution was TERRIBLE after they scored on that touchdown. Kirby will 100% be watching the film fiercely after this game and will be sure to fix this in the future.

The Ugly:


  • The Dawg’s SEC East hopes. They are all but dashed. The Dawgs will need to win out and to hope Tennessee drops three games (which ain’t happening). Tennessee has tough games the next two weeks against Texas A&M and Alabama, but then its cupcake central after that. They may lose one or even two of the games in the next two weeks, but then they will win out and in turn win the East. We will be back though, couldn’t expect too much out of a first year coach.

Well that’s my take on this game. It’s not easy to think about and this sure as hell wasn’t easy to write. I was at a wedding watching the game, and all of this happened during the toast, so you can imagine the silent freak out I was having (and the immediate drinking of moonshine that I did). Bless our hearts, but keep the faith Dawg Nation, it will get better from here.