Odell Beckham Jr has unbelievable talent.  He’s easily one of the best athletes in the NFL and obviously one of the best wide receivers in the league.  That’s why he gets everyone’s best corner.  That’s no secret.  I’m not cracking any codes by saying that.  This all being said, OBJ is one of the biggest headcases in sports in recent history.  

This has got to stop.  After the Giants played the Redskins last week and Beckham threw a temper tantrum on the sidelines, including gyrating and screaming, getting in a fist fight with the kicking net and losing and then crying, he said he realized he needed to work controlling and managing his emotions.  While this is one of the most obvious things ever said, it was nice to hear that he at least admitted he had a problem.  We’re making progress.  Good for OBJ.

Then last night happened.  Xavier Rhodes shoved Beckham as he was going out of bounds and Beckham freaked the fuck out and got in Rhodes’ face and bumped the referee.  I’m a Giants fan and I have to say it was not a dirty play.  Why Beckham got all up in Rhodes’ grill is beyond me, but that was it.  It was over.  The Vikings were in his head and for some reason he was able to continue to play every damn down.

After the game is what really pissed me off the most.  Beckham was quoted saying: “I’m a target…if I sneeze the wrong way, it’s a flag.  It’s a fine if I tie my shoes the wrong way…”

What the actual fuck are you talking about?  I mean Jesus Christ Odell, it’s not like you’re getting nabbed for a cheap hold or something.  You’re acting like a complete idiot out there!  Do I think that the NFL rules concerning unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting are overbearing and ridiculous at times?  Yes, yes I do.  But I also think that when you completely tweak out and get in someone’s face while bumping the ref for seemingly no reason at all, then you deserve to get a penalty.  Maybe not a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, but maybe instead for being an absolute dickhead.  Christ, fucking relax, Odell.

I swear it’s like he does coke before the games LT style.  I love my players fiery.  But there’s a difference between fire and stupidity and guess what?  He’s being stupid.  

Last night I saw the Vikings literally restrain Xavier Rhodes from getting into it with Beckham at one point.  The Giants need to do that with OBJ.  Somebody on that team has to take him aside and say “you can’t fucking do this every damn time something happens that you don’t like.”  His temper is hurting his performance and more importantly, it’s hurting the team.  It’s a distraction and it has to stop.  


PS – On a completely unrelated note, I just noticed last night that Ereck Flowers spells his name “Ereck.”  That is barbaric.