In a world where people call Kaepernick a hero and say “she’s so brave” about Caitlin Jenner, it’s nice to see someone out there who knows who to truly honor a legend.

Meet Patrick Towles, quarterback for the Boston College.


He seems like your run-of-the-mill white, savage QB from a small town in Kentucky, who probably chaws too much in his free time and had the smokiest smoke girl from high school and is now just drowning in all the fine ladies Boston has to offer.

But my god you bite your tongue – this man isn’t “just” a QB, nay, this man is a hero.

“Patty Ice” as he is (or should be) known nationally, posted this on Instagram back in August.


Since then, Patty Ice has put up some fuckin’ numbers for his boy Harambe and that is how you back that shit up. When you say you’re going to honor a legend, you go out there and FUCKING DO IT!!

He’s ran for 3 TD’s himself so far this season and has an absolutely silly QB rating of 126.4 through the first five games. I’d say, so far, he has CRUSHING honoring the late great Harambe.

Patty, keep doin’ the good deed. I’m proud of you and I’m certain He’s smiling down at you from his throne in Gorilla heaven.



Should’ve Been The Kid,