Somehow your boy is still alive after last week’s debacle in the Georgia game, but I’m struggling. No need for a real recap as that would just kill me…. literally.

Texas vs. Oklahoma– 12:00 on Fox Sports 1


  • Oklahoma has climbed back up in the rankings after a couple early losses but they face a tough Texas team in the Red River Rivalry. As always this game will have a lot of hard hits and a lot of trash talk. Should be a great one to watch but totally expect the Baker-man to pull away in the end and bring home a W for the Sooners.

Tennessee at Texas A&M– 3:30 on CBS


  • After last week (and based on the standings) there is no team your boy wants to lose more this week than the Vols. Also after going to College Station earlier this year your boy is a certified Aggie fan.
  • That all being said I hope that Josh Dobbs and his stupid no eyebrow having face throws 14000 interceptions and the Vols lose by 300 points. Go Aggies.

Alabama at Arkansas– 7:00 on ESPN


  • Hot SEC matchup with two hard nosed teams lining up against each other. Both teams are modeled exactly the same BUT Alabama is just a lot better.
  • Expect this one to be close until it nears the end of the third quarter, when Alabama will roll all over the hogs. But hey at least Fayetteville will be lit, win or lose they know how to party.

Florida State at Miami– 8:00 on ABC


  • Another classic rivalry between two teams that have more history between them than most programs have as a whole. This game will be full of energy and will fully determine if your boy jumps on the whole “The U is back” train.
  • That being said I won’t be on that train as I expect FSU to come out and win this game. Sadly, Richt isn’t ready to beat his alma mater in his first year. Love the guy but it will be a day for the Noles.

That wraps it up for this week. I fully expect more zany and epic games. As always, best of luck to all of your teams and to your wallets as today progresses.