Only 3 more Monday’s until the most lady-pleasing, pantie-ruining month of the year… the month of Movember.

I know personally I’ve spent many years rocking a ferocious ‘Stache that not only has men and women alike trembling at their knees, but it also sends a stern message to that son of a bitch disease – cancer: “I’m coming for you.”

I want to use these precious few weeks to fire up your loud about Movember. I know there are people out there that won’t do it because they think they “can’t grow mustaches” or “have real jobs” but I want to name LEGENDS in their fields that should make all your excuses go away.

This week, we’ll start with America’s newest legend…

Luckily, last night was a great night for Movember AND America… No, not because we had to watch two pretty bad people argue over who America deserves more – HELL NO. Last night was a great night because we, the people, got to meet Ken Bone.

Why did we all immediately fall in love with Ken? Was it his Mr Roger’s sweater? Was it the disposable camera he brought from 1998? Or maybe it was the fact that the the man’s lip sweater sent America just the most delightful trembling downstairs we hadn’t felt since Chuck Norris was little cranking out new Walker Texas Ranger episodes…

So who is Ken? And what gives him the right to sport such a lush upper lip sweater? Well… After some hardcore Google searching, I found out Ken is a power plant worker from Illinois (you can read all 18 of his tweets at @kenbone18). I legitimately see him as AMERICA. He is free to do whatever he wants, including dress up like Jake from State Farm to a National Presidential Debate – a debate where HE was featured. He’s free (and quite frankly bold AF) to stand between two putrid humans and ask them a fair question about energy policy.

Ken Bone is a normal guy – with a great passion for mustaches CLEARLY… and probably hates cancer as much  as he hates people who hate cats (in my head he’s probably living with like 8 cats…).

If Ken Bone can grow that mustache in the face of cancer, can’t you as well?

Let’s all join hands with Ken Bone, and together SHIT ON CANCER!!!



I’m All (Ken) Bone’d Up,