Last night in what was one of the more electric In My Face?! episodes, Big Fudge and I talked strategy on the last 6 Weeks of training until my Taylor Family Eating Competition.

I explained how running every morning actually makes my ass eat a lot more lately, which is awesome and should concern my competition… However, Big Fudge had a new idea for me – do nothing.

Okay, not do nothing. But he suggested a taper.

For those of you who aren’t gay swimmers like Big Fudge and I were at one point in our lives, a taper is when you work hard all year and then before an event (or race or whatever) you lessen your workload so your body is like WHAT THE FUCK and it has too much energy and you kill it in said event (or race or whatever).

His suggestion was to literally sit on a couch and veg for the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving Thursday… Literally kick it on a couch, eat until my stomach wants to explode, and with all the added energy from stopping my runs, my body should have lots of pent up energy for gameday.

Now, I’m not certain if energy necessarily equals results in our competition. I feel like you don’t want to “come in too hot” (if you will) but I like where his heads at. It’s that sort of outside the box thinking I’m going to need if I’m going to take down the other Taylor men… We’re a hungry breed.

Fans, this is an open forum – SnapChat me suggestions (sc: brotaylor), slide into @WCS_Taylor‘s DM’s, or send me a goddamn carrier pigeon with a message… I don’t care how you do it, but I’m all about taking the fan’s advice this year.

We got 6 weeks left, I wanna gain the weight of more than TWO average US babies (proving to women it’s not that difficult).