It is going to be so awesome when the Warriors and Thunder play this year.  Already, they were two of the most explosive teams in the league and now with this new Kevin Durant story line there might actually be explosions.

The outward hate from Westbrook to Durant is absolutely fantastic.  Durant says the two are “cool” but Westbrook says nah and that they hadn’t spoke since Durant left.  Westbrook is all about “getting better with the team” and Durant is answering questions about how great it is playing with the Warriors and how playing with Golden State makes basketball even more fun than he could have thought!  Oh it’s going to be great.

Meanwhile, while Westbrook is outwardly saying how there’s no love lost between the two, Durant is making backhanded comments about the Warriors and Westbrook.  Westbrook is the ex-girlfriend that will tell every  girl you ever meet that your dick is small and you cum in two seconds, while Durant is the ex that will say things like “oh yeah he’s so nice, and he does the best he can in bed considering…you know.”

Two polar opposite approaches, but they both have the same common theme: hate.  Once teammates, now enemies.  These types of rivalries are always great and with Westbrook’s intensity and the Warriors swag, every time these two play it’s going to be must watch television.