SDSTim Tebow is known for being an exceptionally great human being.

Rooted in faith and philanthropy, the former NFL signal-caller displayed yet another example of this benevolence on Tuesday afternoon.

Whilst signing autographs at the conclusion of an Arizona Fall League game, a fan fell to the ground with an apparent seizure.

Tebow immediately went over and said a prayer for the man — incidentally a Georgia fan — until the paramedic unit arrived.

The former Florida legend spoke with the man about college football, recruiting, and even joked around about his allegiance to the Gators’ biggest rival.

Those of you who know me well, know one thing about me. I HATE Tim Tebow. Just everything about the guy seems over the top and fake to me. Such a try-hard who gets all this love when he was a TERRIBLE quarterback. 

Want to argue and call him a winner? Please look up his “amazing year in Denver.” Oh you know, the one where he won a playoff game. How were his stats that year?


GOD AWFUL! There are two games where he had single digit completions. How the hell people can even contemplate calling him a mediocre NFL quarterback is flabbergasting. 

He is an amazing athlete, do not think I am some hater, who is masked by my hatred for Florida, BUT he was a terrible quarterback who gets way too much respect for his role on that Broncos team. There was a clear reason Elway lost his mind when he had the opportunity to get Peyton Manning, and it was that Tebow was his quarterback.

That being said, he is making it so hard to hate him. This type of act is some next level shit. It is unbelievable what happened. A guy has a seizure. Tebow comes over and puts his hand on him, while praying, AND THE GUY STARTS BREATHING AGAIN?!  Not to mention that the guy was a Georgia fan.

It would be blasphemous to even hint that Tebow is the second coming of Jesus, but it would be wrong to not believe there was something more to this than just sheer luck. It almost forces my hand, and gives me no choice but to become a Tebow guy.

I know, I know, this is insane. I’ve stuck to my guns on this through thick and thin. It hasn’t mattered how much charity work the guy does, it hasn’t mattered how nice the guy is, it hasn’t mattered how inspirational the guy is, I’ve always hated him with a passion that is unmatched. 

I cheered when he cried, while losing the SEC Championship his senior year; I laughed when he flopped out of the NFL, and was cut by every team he played for; I even made fun of him for his decision to come back into baseball. But if these kind of things continue to happen, your boy Miller will officially forgive all of the past, and will be a Tebow guy, especially if he’s just saving Dawgs fans left and right.

I guess they’re right, some things are just bigger than sports.


P.S. Remember the time Tebow signed a Bible? #NeverForget