Welcome to (and already exiting) the Bone Zone!!

If you haven’t seen it yet – Ken Bone’s Reddit will bury the man. Just as inauspiciously as he rose to fame, his crash and burn will occur even faster.

I’m at work and probably would get fired for the pictures, so you can go to this and see his Reddit for yourself…

We all thought he was something he was not – we all assumed he was just this nice quite nerdy guy in bumble-fuck Illinois, working in a power plant and providing for his family and presumably large wife.

Now we know the truth. We know who Ken Bone really is. He comments on porn sites, likes seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s butt-hole, and commits insurance fraud… Oh, and he’s guaranteed himself no more sex trophies as he announced his vasectomy on his Reddit (first off, what a great place to share that news!) – a procedure that after I learned a bit more about him, I’m glad he got.

I really am just disappointed in myself, thinking this man could be anything different than what we all should have expected from Day 1 (which literally was 4 days ago).

Goodbye Ken. Your time in my life was short lived, but you’re gross now and I wish you the best of luck getting responses on the various adult websites you browse.



I’m Not Mad – I’m Just Disappointed,