Hello ladies and gents and welcome back. Week 7 has a few games that have the makings to be phenomenal.

The combination of these games and the memory of the craziness that ensued throughout last week (I’m looking at you Texas A&M), guarantees that there is no reason to justify y’all not to be glued to your TVs this weekend.

So without further ado, let’s hope my spelling is better than that of Tennessee students (see featured photo), and take a look ahead:

Alabama at Tennessee– 3:30 on CBS:

  • This installment of the third Saturday in October is coming in hot on….the second Saturday of October. Ahh the good ole Tennessee and Alabama education systems showing their true colors! Gotta love it.
    • That being said I have been looking forward to this game since last week’s Tennessee game ended (you all know who your boy is pulling for). I would love nothing more than Tennessee to get CLOBBERED, but that won’t be the case. Especially not at home, and especially not with the gains that Butch Jones has made over the past couple of years. Think about it, the guy lost by 14 at home two years ago, then narrowed that to a 5 point loss on the road last year. He is making progress, and something tells me that this game will be even closer. Because of that, I have the Tide by a field goal, but nothing more.
      • What? You actually thought I’d pick the Vols in this game? Get out of here, look at Saban. He won’t lose.

Ole Miss at Arkansas– 7:00 on ESPN:

  • POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS. This game has two STUD quarterbacks who know how to fill up a scoreboard. Because of this, no over is too high for me. Look for Chad Kelly and Austin Allen to dominate through the air and the defenses to look merciless in this one, especially Chad Kelly who will be aiming for revenge after last year. Forget what happened? Here’s a recap:
    • Because of what’s at stake, the memory of last year’s game, and the big play and scoring ability of both teams, I pick this game to be one of epic proportions, but still see the Hogs being a let down and losing at home in front of the Arkansas faithful, mostly because of Chad Kelly, you know this guy:

    • There was a lot of hype on this Arkansas team, but that’s all that it was, hype; and in the words of Boobie Miles, “Hype is something that’s not real.”
      • Tough one that will relay into a tough season for the Razorbacks, but hey there’s always next year right?

Ohio State at Wisconsin– 8:00 on ABC:

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 2.36.53 PM.png

  • Another heavy matchup coming from the Big Ten. This game has the makings to be another great one, just like when Wisco went in to play Michigan at the Big House. I expect some staunch D (especially since the most points Wisconsin has allowed in a game is 17 to Georgia State), and some hard hits throughout the game.
    • I love the Badgers and want nothing but the best for them, especially cause their stadium atmosphere is wild, and they do this:
    • But if you look at the talent on the Ohio State team you’ll see that it’s just so much greater than the talent level for Wisconsin. Furthermore, Urban Meyer is an amazing coach (even though it pains me to say it), and will ensure that the Badgers are outreached on both sides of the ball. Being out-skilled and out-coached is a recipe for disaster on the football field.
      • Because of this, Ohio State is just too damn good all around and, because of it, they will walk out of Madison with a huge win.


As always, best of luck to everyone’s teams and wallets, can’t wait to see what shenanigans occur this week.