This will be “Hot Take #2” from me on my beloved New York Football Giants, as we walk away from this weekend…

This is aimed at one person, and then a group of people – #1, Ben AcAdoo; and #2, everyone who said that Odell “needs to chill out“.

After watching this game Sunday, I’m stoked to say – he’s not back… he was never gone. And honestly, I hope he continues all his shenanigans because THAT’S WHO HE IS!! Take the good with the bad!!!

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The dude had 303 yards through 4 weeks – sure, not an unreal number, but in two of those weeks he faced one of the best defenses in the Vikings, and also last year’s best corner and his supposed “kryptonite” Josh Norman (who he caught 121 yards on, oh btw…).

And as for his antics off the field? Honestly, everyone STFU.

He threw a temper tantrum, he was bummed talking to the media about how bad his team was playing… He is young and he’ll learn to tone that shit down. He doesn’t like losing, in fact, he’s sick of it – he refuses to be a non-factor on a losing team.

And Ben AcAdoo, you honestly better watch bashing the player that got you that head coaching job in the first place. Eli doesn’t have an overly accurate arm and Odell makes up for that (as I’ve said 700 times). Oh, and that pedophile goatee fucking face of yours doesn’t catch the damn ball and out-sprint everyone on the field. That would be Odell, buddy. Same excuse as Odell though – you’re a young coach – just both of you STFU.

ELE guys. ELE.




Hotter Than Necessary,