Well kids – parlay a night in the Upper East with the crew, with a mimosa filled morning tailgate, then an UNREAL Giants victory with a celebration in Hoboken afterwards… and what pays out? A 24-hour late post!! But guess what? If you don’t understand that struggle, then we don’t need you as a reader – maybe try this site.

Anyway, this game was a roller coaster that ended with a tremendous BANG… one that I can only hope to ride a million more times before my heart gives out on me (no wait but maybe that’s a serious concern).

From the first 23 minutes without a first down, to the absolute explosion from the offense, the game broke me and then gave me more delusion then ever about our potential… but that’s not what this article is about. No, this article is about Joe Fucking Flacco.

The entire tailgate I was saying how I can’t wait to ask all those jackass Baltimore fans how “elite” Joe Flacco is… but when our boys in blue starting the game down 10 and looked ROUGH (16 yards on the first 9 offensive plays), it was hard to do so. Then, as all good Giants teams do, they played with our hearts and made their storm back – but all the while Flacco DIDN’T blow it.

And that’s when it hit me – Flacco won’t blow it. He’s like a better Fitzpatrick (LOL). He manages the game, let’s his defense take care of business and that is what he gets paid to do.

But let me make one thing clear – that does NOT make Joe Flacco elite.

All I wanted was that juicy moment to flip out on the Nacho Libre masked mother fucker (seen in the main picture above), but noooooo, Flacco had to be Flacco and not give me that satisfaction.

Winning was great but boy would I have enjoyed that.

yes agree nod nodding jack black

Baltimore fans, GREAT job locking up the most expensive game manager as a franchise QB. I wish you and your franchise full of murderers (allegedly) the worst of luck.