G’day mates! Hope everyone has had a killer week so far. Been in Aussieland about a week now, and so far I have to say… IT’S PHENOMENAL. Very chill, laid back vibes out here with some great people. Been a long week for me – getting acclimated with the time change, adjusting to the metric system, meeting my teammates and coaches, and getting accustomed to their slightly different, interesting style of grub. Nonetheless, I did a lot of research last night to bring ya’ll some weekend bangers that’ll light the party back up. Let’s get to it…

1.) Cash Cash- No Money (Millionaire x Billionaire x Zillionaire Mashup)

If you know me I’m a HUGE Cash Cash guy. Been my favorite for years. Why? Cuz this group lets their dicks just swing. Absolute power moves only from these guys. Saw them live a couple times in Syracuse during my college tenure, and they were amazing. Just add this song to their long long long list of jams. Wouldn’t even be sorry for saying you could YouTube a strictly Cash Cash only playlist and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Do it.

2.) The Weeknd- Starry (Koni Remix (Johannes Weber Cover)

Little trop bop remix to this billboard chart topper right now from the dude with the funky hair. Good song to be on the bottom for, if you know what I’m saying…

3.) Milk N Cooks- Funk It (feat. Lyon Hart)

Never heard of this group before but by the sounds of this song, I think they got some game. Another tropical song to bring to the pre game that’ll make you want to drink a Corona for sure.

4.) Dillion Francis- Anywhere (feat. Will Heard)

He’s backkkkkkk! The wait for new Dillon music has come to an end. Here we have his newest single “Anywhere” featuring Will Heard. Some super melodic stuff right here – absolutely perfect for the weekend.

5.) Fareoh- Illegal (feat. Kathleen Tarver)

New York based Fareoh is back with another solid original. “Illegal” features the soaring vocals of Katelyn Tarver (who is often paired with the Lost Kings) coming at you with a playful and bubbly melody fit for blasting in the car, or on the dance floor. Such a beauty.

I forgot to mention, if you ever come over here down under… bring a lot of money. I fricken went to the pub yesterday after the game and their equivalent of a normal can of beer, lets say Diet Natural (aka the GOAT) was 9 DOLLARS. UNREAL. Going to have to get used to that. But, anyways, that’s it for this week boys. Heading to the beach now with some of the fellas. Hope everyone has a dope weekend. Keep it sexy.