Yeah yeah yeah I know breakfast is easy to make.  But the other day, I threw together a breakfast that I think has the potential to sweep the goddamn nation.  I called it the “Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich.”  

Has it probably been done before?  Probably.  But that doesn’t matter because I rediscovered this shit.  It’s so simple.  So tasty and a great breakfast.  So tonight when you’re sweet talking that biddie at the bar and invite her back to your place, you can rest assured that when you wake up alone Saturday morning after she shoots you down, you’ll be in for a GREAT breakfast.  

Here’s what you do:

Get two pieces of toast.  The toast can be your choice.  Personally, I’m a rye toast guy with breakfast, but I’ve also had this with Italian toast.  

Next you need to get a breakfast meat of your choice.  I’ve done it with thick cut ham (#fitfam) but I would imagine that a sausage patty would be absolute fire.  Bacon is an obviously good choice too.  In fact, you can probably mix and match breakfast meats.  That’d be lit.

Alright so as you’re grilling up your breakfast meat of choice, when it’s about done, toast the toast and fry two eggs.  When the toast is done, but the toast on a plate, then put some cheese on top of that.  On top of the cheese (again of your choice), put the breakfast meat (of your choice) and then top with the fried eggs.  

When you’re done with that, getting ready for one of the hardest orgasms you’ll ever experience.  The yolk seeping down through the meat (of your choice),  mixing with the cheese (of your choice) and then saturating the toast (of your choice) is absolutely electric.  When you’re done, just say the Pledge of Allegiance until your boner goes away and then proceed with your day.