Okay, I get that the Giants fucked up at the beginning of the season keeping Josh Brown. We had heard that he had issues with his wife and I DON’T KNOW what the Giants knew neither did you, right? So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt THEN.

But if these journal entries and shit that came out (ignoring how the fuck these things came out NOW and not when a goddamn investigation into this was going on) and they say what they do – that Josh Brown thinks of himself as a god and his wife is his sexual slave, he admits to assaulting her… BRUH, New York Giants, Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese – GET THIS GUY OUT OF THERE!!

I saw we’re leaving him behind on our trip to London, so I thought, “Good, this sick fuckhead is done.” Then McAdoo comes out and says that “we’re not going to turn our back on him” and that “he’s our teammate“.

No, fuck that. You are a NEW YORK GIANT. We aren’t a team of shitheads and thugs (see Dallas, see Baltimore… and fuck you anyone who references Odell here. The guy hasn’t hurt a fly – he’s just a little light in the loafers).

Clean it up Giants. We got rid of Plaxico Burress because he shot HIMSELF. Not someone else, HIMSELF. Get Josh Brown out of town. I am pissed off this wasn’t a decision made already. Get it the fuck together.

Happy to hear Robbie Gould was signed. I hope that means Brown’s days are over in blue and he can spend his time where he needs to most – a psychiatrist’s office.



Bigly Annoyed,