What Pete Rose has been giving us on Fox lately is honestly some just straight GOLD material… He seemingly has gotten to the “I don’t give a fuck, I’m old, I’m Pete, DEAL WITH IT!” stage of his life and I can honestly say (ba-da-ba-ba-ba) I’m lovin’ it.

Yesterday was his batting advice to A-Rod and the Big Hurt. I know Pete is the all-time leader in hits – I mean, the guy raked – but I further love him giving tips to these guys like A) it matters (they’re all retired, like literally who cares) and B) telling these guys like they weren’t some of the greatest batters of all time.

Then, the other day, like an unaware old man – Pete Rose throws HEAVY shade at A-Rod saying that Jeter inspired Alex… THAT IS PRICELESS!!! You can tell the way he says it, he really didn’t mean any harm, but gotta love the look on A-Rod’s face, like – “Com’n bruh!!” Amazing…

And then this gold ripping apart Frank Thomas…

Literally just an old man losing his mind laughing. It’s absolute gold and ripping the SEC?! A man after my heart!

He also throws a nice “old man jab” at the Hall of Fame voters – never let it go Pete. Fuck them.

The dude is just unhinged and I love it. I could watch Petey all day.


Honestly, let’s get this guy his own show. Let’s really pour some fuel on the fire and see what comes of it. Love it, love Pete Rose. Vote the man into the Hall.



Kissed by a Rose,