Well folks, I survived the week after the Dawgs loss to Vandy, and thank God I have a bye week this Saturday, so I can relax. That being said, a lot to look forward to this weekend.

It is pretty SEC heavy, but that’s not my bias, it’s just where the best match-ups were (per usual). That being said here’s what to look forward to this week:


Texas A&M at Alabama– 3:30 on CBS:


  • This is it. This is the game that decides the SEC West, and the game that decides if anybody in the SEC has a shot at Alabama, and to be honest… nobody does, and to make matters worse for A&M, Johnny Manziel isn’t walking through that door.
    • I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, but I’m actually contemplating taking Alabama at -19. Is it that crazy though?! Alabama has been covering against almost EVERYONE they’ve played. This includes a trouncing of Tennessee last week when the spread was Bama -14 AWAY. I don’t know how, but I’m firmly believing they cover.
      • I guess that means I’ll be saying roll damn tide today… SMH.


TCU at West Virginia– 3:30 on ABC:


  • Another week, another time I use this saying “points points points points points, there’s no over that is big enough for me in this game.” Two spread offenses who love to toss the rock. I’m hitting the over hard.
    • That being said, I’m going to love watching this game (thank God for two tv’s). It’s going to be one of the more exciting games because of the shootout potential, but also because it will tell us whether or not WVU is a legit contender. Granted they’re undefeated, but the hardest part of their schedule lays ahead, with games at Texas, against Oklahoma, and against Baylor to round out the season.
      • That all being said, I think WVU wins this game in the place that John Denver once called “almost heaven.” Yeah, that John Denver was full of shit, but Morgantown is a tough place to play, and TCU ain’t ready.


Arkansas at Auburn– 6:00 on ESPN:


  • Arkansas now has no shot at the SEC West title, but surprisingly Auburn does.
    • I’m still not sure how, and I don’t think that Auburn should be a ten point favorite over ANYONE, even at home. Which is why I hammered Arkansas +9.5  and I’m riding hard on that.
      • Arkansas is just too good up front to let the Gus Bus run all over them; and even though he’s having an impressive year, I still don’t believe in Sean White to throw all over this secondary. Sorry Barn fans, I just don’t see it happening.
        • I may also take Arkansas money line in this. Yeah, confidence is flowing heavy.


Ole Miss at Baton Rouge– 9:00 pm on ESPN:

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 10.46.34 AM.png

  • Everyone knows my weird love for the king, Chad Kelly, but not for this game. The thing most interesting to me is that LSU head coach Ed Orgeron faces off with a team he used to lead, in Ole Miss.
    • Weirdly enough, Ed Oregeron has LSU looking almost invincible, which, sadly, does not guarantee him the job next year (Sorry bro!).
    • In all seriousness though, he has been LSU’s answer, and since taking the lead the team’s margin of victory has been by 35 points, and the even crazier thing is that he has been doing it without Leonard Fournette.
      • I look for LSU to carry this momentum into the game against Ole Miss and to win the Magnolia Bowl in front of the Baton Rouge faithful.


Well that about does it, I’m looking forward to some great action throughout the day. As always, best of luck to all of your teams and to your wallets!