Water Cooler Sports Family,


For those of you involved in last year’s ELECTRIC pantie soaking month of Movember – thank you! It was an honor going to battle and growing mustaches with you, as we moved ourselves that much closer to making cancer a thing of the past. Even if you missed out on last year for WHATEVER reason, I obviously want to invite all of you back to this great opportunity. What’s that opportunity some of you may be asking? Well friend-o, it’s to show cancer how much we hate its stupid ass one beautiful upper-lip sweater at a time.

If this is something you might be interested in, here’s what I want to do (if not, with all due respect, you can fuck off):

FOR GUYS – November 1, everyone shave your faces, like clean shaven and post a pic #picsoritdidnthappen. Every Friday we clean it up to just a stache and send in updates of our beautiful faces as they naturally progress to a Wade Boggs level of lush fullness (of course we are all inevitably going to end up there I’m sure). Then, December 1, cancer will be dead and it will all be due to our faces which at that point will just be another seat for the lady-friends in our lives – or guys if that’s what you’re into #OneLove. Honestly, none of the day-to-day mustache growing needs to be monitored because there is really only one goal: TO PUNCH CANCER RIGHT IN ITS CRAP LOUSY FACE!!!

FOR GIRLS – I believe Movember made itself a uni-sex thing last year because #equality #ImWithHer #justkidding #MakeMovemberGreatAgain. Anyways, girls 100% are accepted onto this team – we want you to kick cancer square in the gonads too! The requirement for girls is to “Do a Move” everyday or something – you basically commit to working out or being active (Ketch did this last year in addition to his growing a fierce stache and I swear to god, his “Move Updates” were pure gold). So I very much encourage all people – dongs or no dongs – to join this lovely cause.

So here it is – hit up the link at the end here, sign up and join the team “Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again”!! Even if you don’t want to grow a stache, sign up and watch the rest of us make seating everywhere irrelevant. Thanks homies, love you, let’s get tropical!! http://mobro.co/BroTaylor

With Arms Wide Open,
LMC Class of 2012
Merican since ’90
“Merica, Love it or Leave it!!” – George Washington… probably