Let’s talk game-plan here. Sure, this is mostly me thinking out loud but if you don’t like it, kick rocks and get off my site.

With four weeks to go, I already am feeling confident about my intake levels. I am far more concerned with strategy.

I have a very “Tortoise & the Hare” approach where I never try to get all my #GAINZ in a short amount of time. Rather, I like to unload EVERYTHING in the morning. I mean really #DumpEmOut. Then, when my body is feeling cleansed, I can take a nice slow approach to tricking my stomach (which is not big to start with) into a slow expansion that allows for that 10-12 pound championship range we’re really looking for.

Now, one thing I have stressed in my tenure as a strong competitor year after year is water weight. I am proud to say, as it’s within the rules, that slow and steady water weight throughout the day has bolstered my spot at the top of the charts.

I guess what I’d really like to know – from you the fans – is how I can best compliment a steady liquid focus whilst cramming my face with all the deliciousness that Thanksgiving has to offer. I’ve always gone heavy on the salty foods with the idea that it’ll make me thirsty 👅. I also avoid bread and stuffing so there’s not wasted space filling me up… Daddy wants weight gain, not to fill my stomach with that soft shit.

So if anyone out there has suggestions – liquids that I can drink more of (keep in mind beers and bubbly soda’s carbonation take up space I don’t want to offer), or Thanksgiving solids that will compliment a HEAVY liquid load – hit a kid up!! I’m all ears.

Good talk, together we’re winning this title. All for one, one for all.