So I see that our “Super Team” had some positives and a lot of negatives after watching last night. I have a lot of hot takes that I need to get off my chest before my head explodes – because I really do like this team and for the first half we looked real solid.

First and real generic, I’ll start with the REALLY bad… When the wheels came off, we completely fucking UNRAVELED. We went back to standing around, not moving the ball much and shooting up trash. It was hard to watch that 3rd quarter. Just shit basketball with little teamwork. Total opposite from the first few minutes of the game.

Now, on a more specific level, I’m going to take this player-by-player. It’d be unfair to judge the whole based on a few…

Justin Holiday. I can already tell you I probably won’t ever like him. He looks undisciplined like he’s playing street-ball and I just can already tell he’ll make us worse every time he’s out there. Fuck Holiday.

Lance Thomas and Kyle O’Quinn. These two do NOT belong anymore. They “shined” (and I say that with much sarcasm) on last year’s roster because that roster was fucking trash. They suck based on last night and holy cow would I be happy to see these two go.

Derrick Rose. Loved the attack. He missed a few times around the rim that I feel like should (and will) fall some nights but I can live with that. His aggressiveness is refreshing to say the least (reminds me of watching Lin actually attack the basket some three and half years ago). I had high hopes and though they weren’t totally met, I can see a bright spot for our boy Rose here.

Brandon Jennings. A lot of good hustle… He explodes down court almost outrunning our whole team. I will enjoy seeing Jennings out there – another attacking PG. This is so nice to see and I think these two will be great additions to the team.

Biggest “Out of Nowhere” – Kuzminskas!! I don’t know much about this guy – he looks so prepubescent it’s scary but that guy can flat out ball. He’s big, he splashes three’s. He’s just an ugly, tall motherfucker and I for one am ALL IN on Mindaugas.

Sasha Vujecic. Get off the team. Why are you here? Honestly. No one likes you. This is crazy to me. What do you have hanging over Phil Jackson’s head that he keeps you around? This is insanity to me. God damn. Fuck you Sasha Vujecic. I even thought about softening my stance on you but unless we’re winning you are the absolute target for my rage. Get off the team – bring in Jimmer.

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Melo. I am usually very tough on Carmelo. I bash him for not caring, shooting too much, arguing with refs too much, basically being a cancer. And last night during the 3rd quarter, you could see him easily slipping into the “we’re down 15+ so I’m going to be Melo and shoot every play now cuz this is what I’ve done for the last 3 years”. And who can blame him, habits are hard to break. But please God I hope he fixes this and faciliates the ball because he’s got some great players this year… Please God. Please.

Courtney Lee. I saw a lot of haters on Twitter for Courtney Lee, but honestly, I thought he was very solid – exactly what I want out of him. I will probably defend Lee for a while until he royally fucks up but he never did anything to warrant me being mad. He was just really SOLID.

KP6. My angel. Good game. A rising star who plays both ends. I honestly love Kristaps so much. He’s just this bony soft looking guy who then mean mugs after plays, blocks the shit out of people, can throw down HARD and shoot threes. I really can’t say enough good things about our unicorn.

Ron Baker. Amazing you made the NBA and that is amazing. You also hit a 3 in your first game ever. 5 points in 7 minutes? Love it. I don’t think you’re ready to play non-garbage time, but you are a fan favorite. You got a friend in me.


Willy Hernangomez. I am a big Hernangomez fan. I think he will be great off the bench and he was big, he played big. Let’s go Slick Willy!

Lastly, Joakim Noah. I want him to start leading… Like be the guy to yell at Carmelo when #7 throws a shit pass and then inevitably doesn’t hustle back on defense (that happened last night and I needed someone to yell at our boy). Noah seems like maybe he doesn’t think it’s his place yet to do so – but I am here to tell you Joakim, this is your place. We love you and need your fire.

Butt-hurt with what I watched, but still positive on what lies ahead.



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