Earlier this year, our Water Cooler Sports fans decided the vote for which Giants jersey I should order for our Big Blue season… And you didn’t disappoint because my Ryan Nassib #12 jersey has seen, and more importantly WON, two home games for us (we sold the Redskins game and I will carry that loss on the entire Taylor family’s back).

But as the Knicks season forges ahead, it’s time to join the likes of Ketch, our intern Slick Willy, and my older brother with a fine, authentic Knicks jersey… They each have Marcus Camby, Patrick Ewing and Chris Dudley respectively and I want to carry on the tradition here of greatness. They all went big men from the ’99 Eastern Conference Champion Knicks… And I respect that. I won’t repeat any of those superstars, so I need to go outside those three – the “Big Three” as they were more familiarly known!

For those of you who listen to the In My Face?! podcasts, you know my love for that particular Knicks team. So here is who I’m between and naturally the Twitter vote will be my final decision. Without any further blabbering, the candidates:

Kurt Thomas #40. Okay, I have been known to be a hater of Kurt Thomas for a long time. I thought he took too many shots on a team that didn’t need him to be shooting. However, when he returned to the team in 2012, I liked his veteran leadership and the fact that he didn’t play a lot – letting other BETTER players play. Yeah so, you can see I’m not a huge fan of Kurt “The Squirt” Thomas, but he’s a big man on that team and you know what, I can do whatever I want.


Larry Johnson #2. The iconic 4-point play will live in infamy. Now, I personally thought he was a Small Forward but he was as big as a moose so maybe he could be considered a “big”. Also, I’ve seen him listed as a PF online, so that’s pretty much clinching. This one just feels a bit mainstream for me, and I’ve never been into that shit. LJ gets a big respect spot in this vote.


Rasheed Wallace #36. Yes, he wasn’t on the ’99 Knicks. But he still was my favorite player of all time, he is a big AND he was a Knick on our latest great team. Huge fan of “ball don’t lie” and him getting like a billion technical fouls over his career. What a gem. Loved this guy and would be very honored to wear his jersey.

Chris Childs #1. Okay, not a big at all, but I’m not a big guy. Maybe I wear the point guard’s jersey amidst the crew and it makes sense and people will be like, “Oh, I get it. It’s cuz he’s the short guy in the group!” I could and would LOVE a #1 Childs jersey. He was a badass that took on Kobe and was the perfect backup to the Heisman stud Charlie Ward.

kobe bryant

I would say it’s safe to assume after buying Nassib that I am 100% confident in whatever the fans decide. At this point, it’s up to you. So get out there and VOTE!! This is election season. Time to practice for November 8 and cast your ballot!

Whose jersey should I rock this Knicks season?? Stay tuned, and most importantly: Let’s Go Knicks!!

Ball Don’t Lie & Neither Will This Vote,