Holy fucking shit this is clearly not going to work.  Steph? Klay? Draymond? KD?  There’s just not enough balls for these guys.  Who’s going to be “the guy?”  Who’s team it is?  Let’s start with that.

Sure Steph was the MVP of the league last year, but everyone knows Draymond was the MVP of Warriors.  I’m not saying that there’s definitely a little bit of friction will between Draymond and Steph, let’s connect the dots people.  Steph was drafted to be the savior of the Warriors in 2009, and he has, but Draymond has been the heart, soul and grit.  Draymond wants it to be his team, but Steph clearly won’t let the team go.

And Klay.  You think Klay likes playing in Steph’s shadow?  You think there’s not a little bit of a sour taste in Steph’s mouth when Klay drops 35 and gets the headline and Steph only drops 28?

And KD.  You think he’s okay with being the guy in OKC to just being guy in Golden State?  Open your eyes, people.  This team is falling apart from at the seams!  Those four guys clearly hate each other and you need chemistry to win.  Shit, I’d be surprised if they break 20 wins this year at this point.  If you’re in the Golden State front office, you have to be on the phone this morning looking to blow up this team and start from scratch.  It’s the only option.  Just get on the phone with every GM and beg them to make a trade with you so you can get rid of that cancer Steph Curry or Draymond Green or Kevin Durant.

You know what the Warriors need?  They need more solid role guys like Zaza Pachulia.  If the Warriors want to have any chance to compete this year, they need to have their offense run through Zaza.  He at least knows team ball.  They also need more defense.  Giving up 122 points at home against the Spurs?  Psshhhht if you can’t shut down Kawhi Leonard how are you going to shut down LeBron James?  That’s what I thought.

Yep, that’s the only option.  In fact I’m sure the Knicks would be willing to part ways with Derrick Rose if the Warriors wanted to unload Curry.  And hey…rose-stephWell waddaya know?  It would work too!  I mean I guess if you had to throw Iguodala in, we could make it work.

But yep basically this group of guys on the Warriors won’t ever win anything.  It’s time to move on from the Steph era and bring in some more team oriented and defensive minded guys.  I think it’s safe to say that the Warriors are a better team when four of the best players in the league are not on the floor at the same time.  Blow it up.  It’s the only option.

Did I overreact right?