What’s up guys? Hope everyone has had a great week so far. Once again, did some extensive research for this week’s playlist in hopes to bring your party high enough and rowdy enough where you might just get that piece of yours touched. This week’s songs are straight ecstasy, and I mean 100% raw-dog, feel-good, pantie-soaking JAM SAUCES. I’m half chub just writing this right now… So without further delay, let’s make a baby…

1.) Years & Years- Desire (Gryffin Remix)

This is one of those songs where it starts out teasing you and you’re like “ohhhh this is good but let’s wait it out” then BOOM your wang goes from 6 to Midnight. Gryffin throwing out an absolute bangggger. Doesn’t surprise me whatsoever due to this dude’s track record. Slay Gryffin, slay.

2.) Fetty Wop- The Mack (feat. Nevada & Mark Morrison)

This song could have 48,578 remixes and every single one would be good. This one particularly stood out to me because, well, you know I love the tropical remixes. My man Fetty dipping into this style of jams is an absolute power move on his part, along with teaming up with a tropical genius like Nevada. Cue the mimosas baby.

3.) Pitbull- Greenlight (feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis)

Say what you want about Pitbull but this song gets me fired up and is a definite party song. LunchMoney Lewis (shoutout to Austin “Sweet Lew” Lewis btw) puts a dope beat on this track, that’ll make the babes back that ass up allllll over your johnson. You’re welcome.

4.) Martin Garrix & Third Party- Lions In The Wild

I don’t even want to type an explanatory paragraph about this song. All you need to know is this song fuuuuuuuuuuucks, and it’s Martin Garrix… Need I say more?!

So some kangaroo tried to square me up while I was golfing yesterday, I don’t know if you follow me on Twitter @Are_Davis1616Β (maybe I’ll get like two more followers) but the video is pretty gnarly. I was two feet in front of it and at first you’re like, “Oh this little fucker is like 2 feet tall.” I shit you not when that thing stood up it had to be pushing almost 6 foot. Good thing I had my wedge in hand, I woulda smoked that nerd. Anyways, that’s my weekly Australia story.

Hope ya’ll enjoy the tunes like I did, and once again, may your weekend be filled with cold beers, dope jams, and wet cooters. Peace out from the turntables.