Well your boy is back for Week 9 and more excited than ever about it. Halloweekend is coming in hot and we got Georgia playing Florida in Jacksonville, so you know I’m more lit than your tree on Christmas day.

That being said, let’s take a look at the games that you should be looking forward to watching:

Washington at Utah– 3:30 on Fox Sports 1:


Washington going into a REALLY tough place to play in Utah, to face the one loss Utes, and you better believe that Salt Lake City will be ROCKING. The atmosphere at these Utah games during prime time is always unbelievable, and I expect nothing less to happen today.

With all due respect however, it will be a bit more disappointing crowd-wise because it won’t be a night game, which means the fans won’t have spent as much time tailgating and getting rowdy. Also, I think that Washington is the real deal. Not only do they have a quarterback with the best QBR in CFB history, they all have an excellent defense. Just too good all around for the Utes, so I fully expect them to leave Salt Lake City with the W.

Georgia vs. Florida (in Jacksonville)– 3:30 on CBS:


Okay so maybe your boy is a bit bias throwing this in there, but there’s nothing like the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and yes I call it that, I will call this game the Cocktail Party until the day I die.

The Dawgs have been down lately, but, with the bye week to prepare for this, I’m hoping Kirby got the boys ready to make some moves. Even though our offensive line has been SHOT and the Gators front 7 has been dominating others, I still have hope.

Regardless it will be an amazing atmosphere and Jacksonville will be wild. Expect a lot of action in this one, and let’s hope for a great game. GO DAWGS.

Nebraska at Wisconsin– 7:00 on ESPN:


Another week, another huge game in the Big Ten. This time we’re deciding the West, and I think it almost certainly goes to the badgers, especially because it’s in Madison.

Also don’t think that I don’t realize the emotional point behind this game. It’s the first time that Nebraska is playing in Wisconsin since their Punter, Sam Fultz, passed away from and automobile accident in Wisconsin this year. I fully realize that emotions will be running high, and that Nebraska will come out firing in Fultz’s honor, which is why I won’t be gambling on it, but I just think Wisconsin is too good to blow this game at home.

Clemson at Florida State– 8:00 on ABC:


This is the ACC matchup everyone has been talking about since the beginning of the year. The expectation was that both schools would be undefeated going into this, and that it would ultimately decide who wins the ACC and who goes on to the College Football Playoff, but then Louisville pulled a Corso and said “Not so fast” to the Noles.

However, the lure of this matchup is still there, and it’s still two of the top 12 teams in the country. This will be an excellent game to watch and look for the Noles to stay tough at home. Might not win, but I expect them to cover the +4.5 they were given.

Well that wraps up my top games for this week, which surprisingly includes a lot of different conferences (hey it is a nationwide sport right?). As always, the best of luck to all of your teams, and to your wallets, let’s hope for a safe and enjoyable Halloweekend.