Tonight will be the last night for 30 days that my upper lip will see daylight (lolz).

I consider myself very fortunate to have the ability to raise funds for a cause that affects virtually everyone. Cancer sucks and I for one have no problem not being within 50 feet of an elementary school for 30 days, if it means I get the opportunity to raise some money to help eradicate this disease.

This is not the first year I’ve done Movember, but every year I’m hopeful it’s my last. Not for my sake (though my image will be haunting long after Halloween is over), but for the sake of everyone… Let’s kick cancer’s ass together this year.

My Movember page is linked below and if you want to join the team, you’re welcome. If you want to donate, great! Even if you want to just root me on this month, your support will be fan-freaking-tastic!!

Team “Make Mustaches Great Again” will carry the torch this Movember for us all.

Let’s go mustaches, and let’s go Movember!


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